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5 Cheap Tricks to Build A Million Dollar Business Online


It helps to be able to capitalize on marketing tactics that cost little to no money. Even if you have all the money in the world. If you’re on a tight budget then rest assured; you can still build a solid and successful business online on very little money.

Let’s take a look at some free and cheap marketing tactics you could use to kill off the competition:

#1 Videos – Visual content is one of the best types of content you can create. A video is completely free to publish on YouTube and readily shared – which means you can build a large following with this simple tool.

Videos can help to brand your business with it’s own unique personality and voice. Additionally, you don’t need fancy video recording or editing equipment to make great videos. Your smart phone or computer probably already has everything you need.

#2 Blogging – Your Blog is still one of the easiest, and cheapest, ways to get the word out about your business.

  • Blog every day if possible
  • Share your content on social media and via email
  • Create a unified strategy that supports driving traffic to your blog

And always make sure that your blog posts provide the value and information your audience demands and deserves. Keep it simple and results driven!

#3 Email MarketingEmail can help you build a strong and consistent connection with your prospects. The first step to creating an effective email marketing campaign is to create a good opt-in offer.

Give something away like a report or an eCourse to motivate people to sign up for your email marketing list. If you’re using paid advertising to send traffic into your opt-in page make sure the ad matches the offer. Don’t try to “bribe” people to subscribe or you could find your business in the dog house.

Keep it clean, compliant and your offer will convert!

Finally create a strong follow up email series or weekly newsletter message that provides value and helps you achieve your marketing and business goals.

#4 Blog Commenting – Get involved in your industry and become a regular contributor/commenter on popular blogs. Make sure your comments provide value and show your knowledge and authority.

It’s common for people to comment with praise. That’s fine, but your goal isn’t to become best friends with the blogger – it’s to provide value and to connect with other people who are commenting. It’s also fuel for future content on your blog or social media pages.

#5  Social Media Marketing – Chances are you’re already actively involved in using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It takes time to build an audience but it’s relatively inexpensive.

  • Get involved in the conversation
  • Connect and share ideas and content with others
  • Provide value in the form of content, recommendations and connections

Content is the underlying theme for all of these inexpensive and free marketing strategies. Content builds trust and authority and creates an environment where people feel safe and comfortable in your company. When this happens — your followers and fans start to turn into customers. And your business begins to turn a profit.

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