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5 Ways Content Marketers Guarantee Online Success


Content marketers are the new Gods of online marketing. We kneel before them to show our respect. We sacrifice our writing to meet their needs. We follow their every move in the hope that some of their skill, wisdom, vision or good luck might land upon us mere mortals.

If you’re not yet having the kind of success you had planned from your content marketing campaigns — don’t throw the towel in. You see, with a few little tweaks you can turn your content into lead generating, profit-pulling posts that will take your business to a new level. I’ll share those little tweaks with you in a moment.

Before I do though, here’s something you should know…


Content Marketers Came and Conquered


Britain in the 1970′s was very different than it is today — life was simple. Families had two parents. Boys kissed girls. Dogs and cats fought in the street. And there were two television stations; BBC and ITV.

Then one day Channel 4 arrived.

A new, different, edgy television station.

Most people said it would never take off.

But it did.


Content Marketers & The Big Vision



Because behind the brash exterior and uncertain beginnings was a strategy to create and air the kind of content nobody had ever seen on British television before.

The type of content that sells.

Ask any business expert or modern day marketer what the key to online success is today and they’ll have the same answer; content.

Create quality content, share it with the right audience and your business will grow.

  • It isn’t about how much money you spend on advertising — although this helps
  • It isn’t about who you can find to promote your business online — although this helps
  • It isn’t about tricks, loopholes and some secret system — none of these things really work if you’re trying to build a real, long-term business online (but you already knew that, right?)

It’s about authority and trust and it starts and ends with the content you create.

Content marketing is the foundation on which the rest of your business is built. It’s what drives traffic, motivates clicks, and generates profits.

It will help you to get leads, find new customers and recruit team members and make more money from your home based business.

If you do this right, of course.

So what do successful content marketers do that you can model to build your own empire online?

They develop the right habits. When those habits are in place they apply them consistently in their business to increase exposure, build authority and generate leads and sales.


Simple really — so here are the habits they create to help them reach their goals:


Habit #1 — Content Marketers Have a Strategy

According to benchmark studies, 66% of the most effective marketers have a documented strategy, compared to 11% of the least effective marketers.

So what does this statistic tell us? Successful content marketers do not wing it. So stop jumping from one scheme to another and map out your plan!

Great content marketers know exactly what they’re publishing and when it’s being published. Each piece of content has a goal that supports an overarching content strategy. Stop trying to hack a few ideas together and develop a plan — now, today!

For example, if you are building a home based business, your goal might be to grow your email list in order to recruit reps by email or to build a bigger customer base.  If so — your content should provide some value and invite readers to learn more by signing up for your newsletter or downloading a digital report.


Habit #2 — Content Marketers  Create Systems

Systems support you to succeed. They free up chunks of time and generally make building and running a business online a lot easier.

You could:

  • Set up your blog posts to automatically publish across a number of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Automate your email marketing using email marketing solutions such as Aweber — so that it operates, and makes money for you, around the clock.
  • Deliver content for customers inside a paid membership area. Allow access to customers using integrated sales systems and shopping carts.

Technology and organization are the keys to effective systems online. Use them to create free time, increased profit and automate content delivery for your home business.


Habit #3 — Content Marketers  Assess and Adapt

It’s not enough to publish content and hope for the best. Highly successful content marketers know that you have to keep tabs on your analytics. Tracking and testing will improve your site’s performance. Analytics will give you the data you need to assess and evaluate your content marketing plan.

  • Is your audience responding to your content?
  • Are visitors clicking on your links?
  • Are people sharing your content?
  • Does your content generate leads and sales?
  • Will more content equal more conversions?

The only way to know if your content is successful is to review the analytics, and then you can adapt your strategy in order to continue meeting your audience demands.


Habit #4 — Content Marketers  Get Help

Planning, creating, and managing content is a big job. It’s generally not something that many business owners manage completely by themselves. Here’s where your team come into play:

  • Hire a virtual assistant or get a team member to manage content publication and social media syndication
  • Hire ghostwriters to create blog posts, articles, website content and any other content you need to increase online exposure
  • Hire a researcher to plan your content and focus your ideas into quality blog posts

Identify what you can do and what you’re skilled at. Then leverage the skills of others to take your online business forward.


Habit #5 — Content Marketers  Connect and Integrate

Successful content marketers know that the power of content lies not only in great story telling but also in the ability to reach a variety of audiences.

Good content marketing is integrated.

Look around and you’ll see all the big names in your niche have done the same. All successful marketers are great story tellers and the bigger their audience the greater success they will have online.

So the question you should be asking is this…

“How is it all put together online?”

The 3 second answer: Your social media posts support your blog posts, which in turn support your email messages. Everything is unified and supports specific business and marketing goals.

The 30 second answer: Identify the goals you have for your content, create a clear strategy that supports those goals and then pay attention to your audience. Leverage technology and the expert skills of others to create a content marketing campaign and pretty soon you just might become a highly successful content marketer as well as the happy owner of a big online empire.


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