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Online Entrepreneur : Your 7 Steps to Success


Life as an online entrepreneur can be very exciting. One minute you’re talking with your team via skype, the next you’re developing new ideas and creating products to meet your customers needs.

  • Making more money than you ever dreamed possible
  • Now living life on your own terms
  • Finally having the freedom to be who you want to be

But there’s another side to business online — the side few web-based business owners talk about.
It’s the dark side.

That place where doubt creeps in and you wonder why you ever set out on your entrepreneur journey.

A place where you can feel lost, lonely and at risk of losing sight of your dreams.

How Do You Stay On Course as an Online Entrepreneur?

Here’s how;

Online entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes; from social network builders like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to successful online retailers like Arya Bina, Dareth Colburn and Jack Ma, owner of the Alibaba Group. If you’re searching for inspiration — there are lots of stories to help you turn your idea into a profitable online business.

Sadly, there are more failures than successes though. The truth is, your chances of making it big are slim at best. If you’re anything like the 95% of entrepreneurs and would-be business owners who take to the web each year only to see their idea sink like a stone within the first 12 months — the likelihood is you’ll be heading back to your day job some time soon.

But wait a minute…

  • You’re NOT like all those part time pretenders who lack the drive and determination to make things work NO MATTER WHAT.
  • You’re NOT in this until it starts to get tough.
  • You’re NOT prepared to accept defeat.

You are here to succeed.

You’ll do everything you can possibly do to help turn your idea into a profitable online business.

That’s why you’re here, right?

So What Do Successful Online Entrepreneurs Do That Other People Don’t?

It’s often the case that you’re biggest breakthroughs tend to come when you are just about to give up. So if you’ve been struggling to find that hidden treasure chest — don’t give up. It could be closer than you think!

You might also be surprised to learn that one of the most common reasons entrepreneurs fail in the first few years is because they just weren’t prepared.

It takes a unique mindset, diligence, a willingness to take risks and an ability to get back up and try again after failure.

Think you’re ready for online entrepreneurship? Ask yourself;

  1. How Organized Are You? The type of organization that’s required to own an online business isn’t necessarily the color-coded label-maker type of organization. However, you do need to be able to set goals, create a plan, track and measure success, and adapt. You’ll want to be able to create systems to keep yourself organized.
  2. Are You Prepared for Setbacks? Trust that there is a 100% chance something will go wrong when you’re creating and growing your business. Even if you’re the best planner on the planet, there will be unforeseen events and challenges. It takes a positive mindset and the ability to adapt and respond quickly to manage setbacks.
  3. Are You a Visionary? Do you have a vision for your business for the next ten years? Can you articulate that vision? Can you share your vision with contractors and customers? Part of building a successful business is being able to communicate your vision with others.
  4. Can You Make Hard Decisions? Being a business owner often means saying no when you want to say yes. You’ll have to prioritize your money, your time, and your energy and focus.
  5. Are You Willing to Admit What You Don’t Know? Many entrepreneurs believe that they not only can, but they have to, do everything themselves. Let’s be honest here and say that you have specialty skills and knowledge, but you don’t know everything. Thankfully, you don’t have to. There are specialists you can hire or contract with to help you out.
  6. Are You Comfortable Taking Risks? There’s absolutely some uncertainty to being an entrepreneur. You’ll need to find a balance between being too cautious and too adventurous.
  7. Do You Feel Supported? Are there people around you who support your decision to become an online entrepreneur? You may have some naysayers in your life and that’s okay as long as you have some support. Mastermind groups can be a way to get support.

Being an online entrepreneur is rewarding. It’s a rare opportunity to create something from scratch and to be able to bring it to the world. You’re providing value and creating a world that works for you. So stay focused on your dreams and be prepared to put in the work.

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