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The Dummies Guide To Marketing Your Home Based Business


A GUIDE TO MARKETING YOUR HOME BASED BUSINESS. Pay attention because this short guide could change your life..

If you don’t have a customer, you don’t have a business!

Painful, isn’t it…floating around on Facebook or Twitter with no sign of sales — getting lots of “likes” and “ReTweets” but no real results.

The type of results that your bank manager or better half would LOVE to hear about.

But you don’t want to tell a soul about your lack of success online.

If they knew how tough it was to market your business — they might even tell you to give up.

It’s not easy

  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Making the right sounds when someone asks you how much money you’re making from your internet business
  • Keeping the faith

It can make you feel like throwing in the towel and heading back to your day job! I know — I’ve been there too.

Here’s my advice to you;


Not yet, anyway.

Because there is still hope for you — even if you haven’t made a single cent from your home based business. There is a corner out there in front somewhere and if you keep moving forward at some point soon you’ll turn it.

Don’t take my word for it — look around:

Because, believe it or not, there are a few folk out there who are building very profitable online empires. And if you follow the right plan you can do the same.

That plan involves:

  • A strong brand
  • A profitable niche
  • A quality product or service with a unique selling proposition
  • A high converting squeeze or opt-in page
  • A targeted advertising campaign
  • A strong sales funnel
  • A vision 

Really? A vision?

Yes. A BIG vision. The type of vision that will take you from where you are today to where you want to be in 2, 3 or 5 years time.

And that vision begins by being focused — more focused than you’ve ever been in your life I imagine.

Okay — so you’re ready to build your business.


Guide To Marketing Your Home Based Business

So where should your focus be?

Let’s see…

Some people say marketing:


Because marketing your business is at least  equally if not more important than the product or service you are selling or providing.

In the pre internet days, marketing your home based business was as simple as handing out a few flyers and letting people know you do baby sitting, cut lawns, wash windows, bake cakes etc. Those days are gone and they will not be back.

Today, your potential customer base is online — even local people.

Think about it, when was the last time you stuck your head over the fence to chat to a neighbour? Not too often I’d imagine.

So why would you go knocking on a neighbours door to try to make a few sales?

You wouldn’t — because it wouldn’t work.

Those days are gone.

Today, people just like you turn to the internet to build their business. How you find your customer base is by marketing.

Some people say sales:


Because sales is where the real business is done. It’s the sharp end, right?

Perfect the sales process and you’ll quickly turn your home business into an online ATM – yeah, right!

I heard that one a long time back and while there’s some truth in it — it’s NOT the answer. Sales skills are essential but even with great sales skills you can still own a business that isn’t making money. Because sales are only ever made when the customer is ready to buy.

Did you get that last part?

The customer chooses when to buy.

Crazy, right?

When a customer decides to spend their hard earned money with you — It has very little to do with your product, price, promise or persuasive copywriting skills.

It has much more to do with them:

  • How they are feeling.
  • What’s happening in their life.
  • Who they have been in contact with.

What can you do to make sure some of those sales come your way?

Simple — you need to do is to establish an ongoing relationship with your target market:

  • Connect
  • Share your ideas, advice, knowledge.
  • Build rapport

so that when the day comes and Jack or Jill is ready to pull out the plastic and make someone very happy — that someone is you.

Success is in the Follow Up.

Research has shown that most customers will only make a purchase after 12 direct contacts from an online vendor. The way you make those 12 contacts with your potential customer or client can include any number of different mediums or channels:

  • Email marketing – to a list of subscribers
  • Facebook Updates – to a fan or follower base
  • Direct Mail – to the postal address of your subscribers if you have one
  • Tweets – to your followers

The most powerful tool in business is follow up. Because with the right approach and the right offer — today’s website visitor can quickly and easily become tomorrow’s customer. While marketing might attract the right prospects — follow up will create more sales. 

Put your plan in place:

  • Build your brand
  • Create your offers
  • Design your sales funnel
  • Write your content
  • Convert those customers
  • Repeat. Scale. Retire!

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