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Top 10 Tips to Create Profit Pulling Blog Posts


Writing a blog post is easy. Writing a great blog post… well that takes time, energy, attention to detail and a willingness to learn.

You see…

Great bloggers aren’t 100% successful.

Even they write duds and publish material that isn’t that well received.


How they react when they find failure knocking at the door is very different from how most new or inexperienced bloggers typically react.

While you might decide to walk away. Successful content marketers learn from their audience and make changes. They respond. They do what has to be done to turn their little space online into a wonderful haven where wild ideas flourish and people like you and me come to play.

Do the same and your blog will become an asset to your business too.

Why bother you might ask — after all you can buy traffic and build a list without creating a single blog post.


You could continue to feed your sales funnel with cheap clicks.

You might even start to see a few sales. (tweet this)

Long term — success online comes from the culture you or your company creates.

Great content builds great communities. Great communities support great companies to grow. So pay attention to your audience and create the kind of content they are searching for. This attention to detail will attract an even bigger audience ready and willing to follow you and become part of your expanding business community.

Let’s take a look at what the best bloggers do and how they create blog posts that build business.

  1. Define Your Topic – Before you sit down to write any post, spend some time considering the post topic. Consider how you can approach the topic to provide the most value to your readers. What’s the goal of the post and how will your readers answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”
  2. The Title Matters – A blog post with a great title gets read and shared. Study blog titles that grab your attention. They appeal to emotions, ask questions, and use numbers to help demonstrate value.
  3. Make Your First Paragraph Count – Your first paragraph needs to be interesting. Talk about the problem your audience is facing and then share how you’re going to help them solve it.
  4. Goals – What do you want your post to achieve? What is the point of your blog post? If there isn’t a point, don’t write it. Keep brainstorming ideas.
  5. Call to Action – What do you want readers to do when they’ve finished reading your post? Include a call to action in every post.
  6. Share Information – Use examples and facts to back up your information. It adds both interest and credibility to your content.
  7. Add Visual Interest – A blog post with a relevant visual element like a photo or a chart is more likely to be read and more likely to be shared if that’s your goal.
  8. Reader Friendly – Make it as easy as possible to read your post. Use formatting and plenty of white space.
  9. Engage Your Audience – Ask your readers to comment, share or subscribe to become part of your online community.
  10. Promote Your Posts – Once you’ve published your post, market it using various online marketing tactics. Share a snippet on social media, and link to it in your daily, weekly or monthly email.

Every time you write a blog post, measure and analyze the results, and learn from your audience. Create content that your readers respond to and you’ll create a blog that drives business and profits.

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